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hundreds of years. When the foreigners first came to Yokohama, the Daimios' processions were frequently on the road; and, as the strangers had the right to go into the[Pg 159] country

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, and consequently to ride on the Tokaido, there was a constant fear that some of them would ignorantly or wilfull

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y violate the ancient usages and thus lead the Daimios' followers to use their swords. A PARTY ON THE TOKAIDO. A

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PARTY ON THE TOKAIDO. Things were in this condition when one day (September 14th, 1862) the procession of Shima

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dzu Saburo, father of the last Daimio of Satsuma, was passing along the Tokaido on its way from the capital to the


western part of the empire. Through fear of trouble in case of an encounter with the train of this prince, the

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authorities had previously requested foreigners not to

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eople—three gentlemen and a lady—embraced th

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ard and said, "Come on; I have lived fourt

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